Hey this is my first post in my new blog.

I’m 18 years old and I’m trying to eat healthier in a house of not so healthy family. I’m from a little town in Mexico and people here make bad food choices. People here doesn’t use the words vegan, healthy, veggies, tofu or organic.

The eating habits here usually are greasy hot dogs, tacos, carnitas, even our sushi rolls are breadead and fried with lots of cream cheese (also carne asada breaded sushi rolls with cheese and I’M NOT KIDDING.

I’m TIRED of this unhealthy life, and i feel like i’m alone here.

today my eating was bad, i started with a cup of quaker apple oh’s with 1%  milk( we don´t have skim milk in my city) at around 6:30 a.m.

My snack was a golden apple with chili podwer(hey i’m from mexico and i love anything spicy) at around 10:30 AM

Then the worst part a BIG BIG cebada agua fresca  (cebada it’s like horchata but it’s made with barley flour that’s the only healthy thing about it but i know it has full fat milk and lots of sugar)

For lunch at 1:30 p.m. i had cucumber and carrots with tampico paste this is very common here it’s surimi or fake crab meat with mayo? or cream i don’t know what. i put scallions, soy sauce, serrano chilies and eel sauce. I also eat a little fish ceviche. I also drank a BIG glass of diet coke, i now it’s so bad.

I will post my snack and dinner. sorry for the photos i will start posting my food pictures tomorrow if i can find a camera lol